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The alliance has strong scientific research strength. It has a high-level R&D team including soil science, botany, microbiology, environmental science and engineering, landscape architecture and municipal engineering. The R&D team includes Qiguo Zhao, Chinese famous soil scientist and fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as the technology leader, and other soil improvement and saline-alkali land management experts like Prof. Jinsong Yang and Prof. Huancheng Pang. It conducts production, learning and research cooperation with the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Shandong Agricultural University, Qingdao Agricultural University and other universities and research institutes. The cooperation effectively meets the rejuvenation and improvement requirements of the five major types of saline-alkali land in China.

  • Qiguo Zhao

    Famous soil scientist, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    He has been engaged in soil geology and resource research for a long time. He was the director of Nanjing Soil Institute, Chairman of the Chinese Soil Society, Chairman of the International Soil Society’s Saline Soil Subcommittee, and First Vice Chairman of the International Soil Society’s Soil Environment Committee. He is currently a member of the Disciplinary Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, Director of the Agricultural Research Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, member of the International Mountain Research Institute, a researcher at the Nanjing Soil Institute, a Doctoral tutor, and an part-time professor at Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and Nanjing Normal University. He is also an outstanding expert with important contributions to the nation. He has proposed various planning and development programs for soil zoning remediation, degraded soil improvement, and soil ecological and environmental assessment.

  • Dr. Jingsong Yang

    Research Professor of Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of sciences

    Professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Director of Department of Soil Physics and Salt-affected Soils Research, Director of Research Center for Salt-affected Soil Utilization and Salinity Management, and Member of the Academic Degree Assessment Committee of Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Vice-Chair of the Commission of Salt-affected Soils of the International Union of Soil Sciences, Honorary Director of Commission of Salt-affected Soils of Soil Science Society of China, Standing Council Member of Soil Science Society of Jiangsu Province, Vice-Editor-in-chief of Chinese Core Journal of “Arid Zone Research”, Editorial Board member of Chinese Core Journal of “Acta Pedologica Sinica”. Director-General of Dongtai Tidal-land Research Institute, Nanjing branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Special allowance expert of the State Council, Principle expert of the National Public Welfare Special Research Funds Project "Research and demonstration of integrated technical models on high-efficiency agricultural utilization of saline-alkali land of China".

  • Ottein Herzog

    Vice Chairman and Fellow of the German Academy of Science and Engineering, an external consultant of the Sino-German Institute of Economic Engineering

    He is currently a high-end international expert, a member and also a leader of the Big Data team of the German National Academy of Sciences and Engineering, project leader and co-Chairman of the Industry 4.0 Intelligent Products and Services Engineering Group. An international top expert in Industrial 4.0 systems, intelligent systems, intelligent manufacturing and logistics (simulation and optimization of production and logistics), multimedia management, data labs, smart cities and their communications and information technology, and data processing for wearable devices. Now he is cooperating with Sanvy Group in the intelligent agriculture on saline-alkali field.

  • Dr. Pang Huancheng

    professor of Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    Prof. Pang is the Chief Scientist of Soil tillage and cropping systems Innovation Team, Director of Soil tillage and cropping systems Department, Distinguished Scientist in Water-saving Irrigation and Fertilization Department, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Deputy Director of the Soil Salinity Committee of the Chinese Society of Soil Sciences. Executive director of the Farming Systems Committee, Chinese Society of Agronomy.  Executive director of the Beijing Soil Science Society,  and editorial board member of the Acta Pedologica Sinica. He won the first class prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2014 (1st place in “research and application of key technologies for the improvement of saline-alkali land in the Yellow River irrigation area in the northwest”), and won the second class prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2010 (1st place in “Development and application of anti-blocking and seepage irrigation system”).

  • Dr. Qinggang Chu

    Professor of Qingdao Agricultural University, Doctor of Science, Master Instructor, Director of Shandong Biology Society, College of Life Sciences, Mainly engaged in the protection of halophyte resources, plant secretion structure and the introduction, domestication and cultivation of wild halophytes

    He has presided over the "Protection and Development of Salt-tolerant Plant Resources in Shandong Province", "Protection of Endangered Halophyte Resources and Its Active Ingredients", and "Application Research on Techniques of Introducing,  Breeding and Cultivation of Vitex Rotundifolia", " Research and application of Scutellaria Strigilosa Introduction, Domestication and Breeding Technologies", "Study on the effect of Suaeda salsa’s Salt-tolerant ability and the number of picking times on the desalination of saline soil", and 10 more topics such as "Key technologies for heavy saline-alkali land ecological conservation, vegetation cover and soil improvement".

  • Liu Hongqing

    Ph. D., Professor, Master's supervisor in Grassland science of Qingdao Agricultural University

    members of post expert on poisonous weeds in the China Agriculture Research System. Executive members of Committee for processing and utilization of grass products in Chinese Grassland Society, Standing member of specialized Committee of Grass Science and Technology in Shandong Province; Chief of JIAOZHOU comprehensive experimental station of forage innovation team in modern agricultural technology industry system of Shandong Province. Members of Chinese Society of Forestry, Japan Forestry Society , Japan Sand Dune Association. Director of Department of Plant Physiology in Academy of Life Sciences of Qingdao Agricultural University. At present, the main research direction is forage cultivation and its physiological ecology under different stresses. Participants in National Natural Science Foundation Project and sub-projects of National 973 Projects , China Agriculture Research System and other enterprises’ scientific research projects; Second prize winner of teaching science and technology in  Shandong Province, the first prize and the third prize in Qingdao Agricultural University.