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Alliance Profile


The main purpose of the alliance is to establish a cooperative protection mechanism for intellectual property rights, build a cooperative and win-win industrial intellectual property protection complex, provide an exchange and cooperation platform for alliance members to protect and apply intellectual property rights, strive to create an innovative and entrepreneurial environment that “respects knowledge and advocates innovation”, maximize the overall legal rights and interests of the industry and achieve the goal of continuously consolidating and enhancing the overall strength of China's saline-alkaline industry.


Under the guidance of the China Rural Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Strategic Alliance of Technology Innovation for Saline-Alkali Industry is jointly organized by China Rural Science and Technology Magazine, Sanvy Group, and many other Saline-alkali industry enterprises, associations, scientific research institutions, universities, financial institutions and related media.

With the aim of “Leading Industry Development, Innovating with Technologies”, and guided by the “National Medium- and Long-Term Program for Science and Technology Development (2006-2020)”, the Alliance integrates the superior resources of enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities and create a cross-border integration of innovation and development system for Saline-Alkali land, to promote the research and development and application of global saline-alkali industry technologies, establish a diversified and multi-level innovative model of independent research and development and open cooperation, build a collaborative innovation platform integrating strategic research, technological innovation and technology services, and strongly push the development of saline-alkali land industry. It aims to promote the rejuvenation and protective development of saline-alkali land and industrial operation of saline-alkali land. Based on ensuring the safety of national land resources and food, a broader development space for agriculture and animal husbandry is provided by restoring saline-alkali land, and an ecologically livable and industrial prosperous saline-alkaline land industry chain is formed.

On October 28, 2018, the inauguration ceremony of the Chinese Strategic Alliance of Technology Innovation for Saline-Alkali Industry was held in Binhai, Weifang.


The core tasks of Chinese Alliance of
Intellectual Property Protection
for Saline-Alkali Industry.

1Strengthen the creativity of intellectual property rights in the saline-alkali industry and enhance its core competitiveness.

Analyze patents on the aspects of trenching and grooving of saline-alkali land, chemical improvement, biological improvement and economic benefit output, clarify the distribution and competition pattern of global core patents and comprehensively study and judge the development trend of saline-alkali industry, to formulate the strategic promotion plan of saline-alkali industry intellectual property rights. Excavate a batch of advanced technologies to apply for patents, form independent intellectual property rights, and develop a patent pool for the patent layout of the saline-alkali industry.

2Establish a patent database for Saline-Alkali industry to improve the creation, application and protection ability of intellectual property rights.

Classify patents according to the technical characteristics of the saline-alkali land industry, establish patent database for the industry patents and technologies. The patent information will cover all aspects of the industry. Through the retrieval, analysis, application and early warning of patent information, alliance members improve their R&D capabilities and levels, promote the industrialization of high-value patented technologies, and enhance the competitiveness of overall intellectual property of the industry.

3Promote the integration of enterprises, universities and researches in the saline-alkali industry, and effectively carry out the intellectual property operations of the industry.

Strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes, tackle key technologies of saline-alkali industry, and form valuable independent intellectual property rights; focus on building an intellectual property information operation platform, integrate production, research and research related resources and patent technology achievements, and carry out existing patents of the alliance Evaluation and evaluation, combined with market, technical and legal indicators for industrialization and operation.

4Strengthen the intellectual property protection of the Saline-alkali industry and create an innovative and entrepreneurial environment for the alliance members to achieve win-win cooperation.

Establish an intellectual property rights protection center for the industry, set up central workstations in qualified regions, establish and improve the protection mechanism, actively carry out intellectual property rights assistance work in this industry field, and mediate the patent disputes of alliance members.

5Convene high-level forums on science and technology and intellectual property rights of Saline-alkali land, promote international exchanges, and build an international exchange base for science and technology and intellectual property rights in China.